Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Coming Soon!!

I have been diligently working on bringing some blissful items to this blog! I have made the following soaps that will be available for sale:

Healing Lavender
(trial/bath size)

This is a smaller sized bar suitable for a long soak in the tub. This bar is truly healing because of it's wonderful ingredients; pure lavender essential oil for relaxation to heal your mind as well as troubled skin, tea tree oil will heal skin and acts as a natural antibiotic, sea salt from the Bahamas will help soothe and soften rough skin (personally picked up in the Bahamas in Spring of 2009), vitamin E, real calendula leaves/petals (also known for healing and antibiotic properties), and of course...real lavender flowers freshly dried from my very own garden. I have not used any chemicals to spray the lavender; so I am confident that they are all natural. This bar also contains milk/milk products and castor oil. The soap base has a combination of coconut and palm oils.

Peppermint Dream

I called this peppermint dream because it is just heavenly! It smells like a creamy candy cane...not overpowering and too strong...but just right. The personality of peppermint stands out, but does have a softer side. Enough to wake you up and help with a stuffy head, without knockin' your socks off! This bar is made of a soap base that contains a combination of coconut and palm oils, vitamin E, castor oil, sweet almond oil, milk/milk products, eucalyptus essential oil, peppermint fragrance, and real peppermint leaves. Clears your head and leaves you relaxed and steady. Wonderful around Christmas and all through the winter!

Citrus Flower

This bar of soap has a lighter citrus fragrance that also reminds you of flowers. It contains calendula leaves/petals, and a combination of bergamot, jasmine, and orange essential oil. Vitamin E, castor oil, and milk/milk products were added to the soap base that has a combination of coconut and palm oils. The bar has a creamy rich lather that washes clean.